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Our Story


In 1860, Batista Maggetti left his small town in Ticino, Switzerland, for Northern California. This is where it all began. With him, he brought an entrepreneurial attitude, stonemason skills, and Italian-Swiss hospitality. Batista would go on to open a hotel in St. Helena and use his stonemason ingenuity to help construct the iconic Greystone Winery (now Culinary Institute of America).


Five generations later, the stonemason spirit lives on. TJ and the Stonemason Cellars team are like living stones, carefully molded and formed by time, building upon the foundation laid by Batista. A Stonemason must first select a cornerstone from which he will craft his project. The cornerstones of our winemaking are the grapes that we grow. The North Bay, with its warm days, cool nights, and fertile and diverse soil types, offers a perfect location for Stonemason Cellars to select its cornerstones.

Why Stonemason?

A stonemason must work hard to keep his tools sharp and his results cutting edge. Stonemason Cellars uses the tools and knowledge gained from previous successes and failures to craft these mighty cornerstones into beautiful final productions meant to stand the test of time.


A stonemason’s work is a grueling, long, and meticulous journey, always worth it when the final product brings the family together under one roof. Enjoy Stonemason Cellars with close friends and family, great food, and without taking life for granite.

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