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Our Philosophy

Our philosophy here at Stonemason Cellars is that the best wine starts with the best vineyard. We work tirelessly to curate the best vineyard sites and oversee their farming practices. Doing this helps ensure the highest quality "raw materials" are used to make our wines. Using an old-world winemaking philosophy with fruit from the new world, we can create ultra-premium wines and deliver them to our consumers at a great price.




Traditionally in this industry, wineries and vineyards were separate entities. Vineyards grew the fruit, and wineries bought it, typically by the ton, to make the wine. This system created an issue of quality because vineyard owners and winemakers often had drastically different opinions on how to farm the grapes. Vineyard owners want to maximize the number of tons yielded while the winemakers want to minimize yield to increase the quality of the grapes.

To avoid these dilemmas in quality, we strive to manage all of the vineyards involved in the winemaking process. Using sustainable farming practices, we oversee the maintenance of multiple vineyards in Sonoma County, CA. We also source fruit, when needed, from biodynamically dry-farmed vineyards. These farming practices help give us the best expression of a vineyard's unique terroir.  

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Grapes are picked by hand early in the morning to preserve fresh acidity. Once they arrive at the winery, the grapes are hand-sorted, processed, and put into tanks. We are proud that our wines are low input and low additive. All of the wines we create use minimal added sulfur and all-natural flavors and tannins from the vineyard. We use 100% French oak in the cellar when aging our wines. Our winemaking philosophy is to be transparent in all that we do. We strive for this transparency while delivering flavorful yet elegant wines at the best prices we can offer while keeping our "doors open".

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Community Philosophy

As we all know, it takes a village to get anything done right. We would not be in business today without our friends' and family's love, help, and support. This support has driven us to want to give back to this lovely local community where we are so blessed to live. As we grow, we will be partnering with local charities and look forward to hosting many charitable events and drives in the future. We strive to be the local watering hole where everyone can join us to drink good wine, laugh with friends, and enjoy this crazy thing we call life together.


Competitive Pricing

At Stonemason Cellars, we feel that competitive pricing is a crucial part of our brand's accessibility. We want to ensure we never sacrifice our wines' quality by making them in small quantities. Unfortunately, this combination means that we expect to sell out of every varietal every year. We feel this offers our members the opportunity to get high-quality Sonoma County wines at a great price. We apologize in advance if we have sold out of your favorite vintage when you go to get more!

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